About Tamara Renwick

Find out about Tamara Renwick, founder of WestCoast BestCoast Marketing. Online marketing guru, extreme skier, wanna-be tennis pro, and all-round happy-go-lucky gal.
Skim boarding

I like to spend my spare time off-line...

It's so important to get outside and explore! We spend so much of our time in front of a computer screen. Getting outside is my way of escaping and finding inspiration.

I love skiing

I love skiing!!

I'm an avid skier during the winter. When there's snow on the mountains, you will likely find me there. To me, there's nothing like fresh untracked powder through the trees, or off a cliff... It's magical! And FYI, it's a fact: "There are no friends on a powder day!"

I love tennis

I also love tennis...

During the summer months, I spend much of my time playing tennis. I've been playing since I was quite young, and enjoy playing with a partner as much as I enjoy playing solo against a wall. There's something almost hypnotic about the game.

I love hiking & camping

Can't forget hiking & camping!

I also quite enjoy the mountains during the summer. Whether I'm going for a hike with a friend, or rounding up a group of us for a camping trip, my summer plans always include time in the mountains.

My career, in a nutshell...

I love all things code, and have been teaching myself this fun language for a number of years now. I also love marketing, and went to school to expand my marketing knowledge. I’ve now combined my two passions into one stellar career, designing websites with clear marketing objectives in mind.

You might say that I act as a "bridge", of sorts, between content and code. You see, I’ve got a marketer’s eye for how to display content, and the technical know-how to build web pages to best meet those marketing needs. After all, you can’t write the code if you don’t know what the message is!

Technical skills

  • Proficient in writing HTML / CSS / PHP
  • Experienced with Bootstrap responsive code
  • Experienced with enabling e-commerce
  • Understand basic Javascript implementation
  • 2 years’ experience working with custom content management systems
  • Comprehensive understanding of InDesign, Photoshop, and WordPress
  • Proficient in building automated programs with the Act-On Marketing Automation System

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